Car & Truck Alarms

Protection And Convenience At The Push Of A Button

Most know that Car and Truck Alarms of yesteryear have been replaced and improved. Remotes in today’s auto world resemble miniature phones that relay two-way information to and from your car. And today’s systems offer a lot more than just security for your car.

Looking for some protection? Avital & Viper are perfect illustrations of what the latest generation of car alarms are capable of doing. Multi-channel alarms (lock/unlock, trunk, remote start and auxiliary) that protect your vehicle while conveniently starting or stopping the engine with a simple press of a button. At Glendora Autosound we know the importance of keeping your car secure and your loved ones safe. Visit us today for your car alarm installation.


It’s important to have a security system on your vehicle to not only protect the vehicle itself and its belongings, but to also provide personal protection as well. Customers also love having features such as remote door locks or trunk pop on the same remote as their car alarm or car starter, eliminating the need to have multiple remotes and providing the benefit of superior range. Most would say that they never knew how easy it could be to get into a vehicle that’s just the right temperature, even when the weather outside is blazing hot or freezing cold, and now they can’t live without it.

That’s why the expert technicians at Glendora Autosound have installed security systems and remote starters on almost every make and model on the market. This means you can expect the best results, providing you with the protection and convenience that matters, regardless of the type of vehicle you own. We have the know-how and tools to navigate even the most complex wiring systems and vehicle computers, which allows us to complete installations quickly and professionally.