Clear Sound Anywhere

Some customers turn to us after they’ve been frustrated by how hard it is to get clear sound on their boat, ATV, or motorcycle. We have a wide variety of high-powered components that are specifically designed for those types of vehicles, which allows you to get beautiful audio performance no matter where you go. Choose an aftermarket marine-grade sound system to get a strong audio performance even on the open water and at high speeds.

Marine Grade Equipment

Glendora Autosound technicians know how to execute these installations in a way that keeps all of your technology protected from the elements. We rely on the latest factory information to enhance your performance and keep your audio experience strong for years to come. Contact us to make technological upgrades to any type of vehicle.

Stereo Receivers

Unlike stereos in a traditional car or truck which are mostly protected from dust and weather, stereo receivers for boats, motorcycles, and off-roading machines need to be made to handle the worst scenarios. At Glendora Autosound we’ve partnered with the top brands to provide you with a great selection of stereo receivers that can hold up to extreme heat, moisture, and elements. These products offer great features like Bluetooth, satellite radio, pre-outs for amplifiers, and many have a remote to control the stereo from any line-of-site seat on the boat.


When it comes to upgrading the sound on your boat, motorcycle, or ATV, nothing is more important than upgrading the speakers. These specially designed speakers are made to fit in the proper areas which often have less depth than traditional car speakers. The materials are designed to be water resistant and are specially treated to repel dust and moisture. When you want to turn it up, make sure you pick speakers designed for your application. At Glendora Autosound we even have specialized enclosures to add speakers without cutting holes


Adding an amplifier to your boat, motorcycle, or ATV stereo is what’s necessary to ensure you can turn the music up loud enough that regardless of the wind blowing, water splashing, or engine running, you can still hear the music. Speakers require more power to allow them to be turned up louder without distortion. At Glendora Autosound, we have specialty amplifiers designed to fit in small areas and that work in higher than normal heat or cold conditions so you can turn your sound up louder.


The hardest thing for a speaker to do is to try and create a lot of bass in a large area. This is why large concert venues have so many subwoofers. This is the same problem for boats or ATVs which are limited on space, and not often enclosed. Glendora Autosound has a large variety of subs and specialty enclosures to allow you to add bass to your boat or ATV and make sure you can feel and enjoy the music.